Creating a Comfortable Pocket Park

A pocket park is a charming space where people can unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Crafting an inviting pocket park in a compact area is made effortless with the right outdoor site furnishings.

These versatile spaces can be install in a wide variety of settings, from narrow alleyways to courtyards to even driveways!

By incorporating Thomas Steele site furnishings, you can seamlessly design a delightful oasis, fully furnished with matching pieces. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of creating a comfortable pocket park using Thomas Steele site furnishings!


Lofty Courtyard Table

Crafting a comfortable pocket park is a straightforward process when you have the right site furnishings at your disposal.

The key is to select the appropriate outdoor furniture and arrange in a way that creates a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Benches, tables, and lounge chairs play a pivotal role in establishing an inviting space where people can relax, dine, or engage in recreational activities. 

Also make sure to not overlook the importance of providing a nearby trash bin, as it not only maintains the park's cleanliness but also enhances convenience and safety for those enjoying the area.


Ashton Trash and Benches
Choosing the appropriate furniture for your site is paramount. Ensure that the selected pieces are well-suited for the available space and can comfortably accommodate the expected number of visitors.

Consider factors like seating capacity and ease of movement within the area, taking into account the daily foot traffic to your pocket park.

ADA compliance is another crucial factor to consider, ensuring that your space is accessible to everyone, regardless of their mobility.


Monona Series
Before arranging your site furnishings, establish a clear plan for the desired look and feel of the space.

Contemplate the activities that will take place in your pocket park and the number of people it will serve. This plan will guide you in selecting the right furniture pieces and their optimal placement.

Be sure to position seating areas, such as benches, to allow visitors to sit comfortably without feeling crowded by other elements.


TS-Individual-Bar-Table-TBLB-WI- copy2 copy-2-1
Additionally, consider adding greenery, such as potted plants or trees, around the perimeter of the pocket park.

This not only enhances aesthetics but also helps visitors orient themselves when entering from different parts of the area. The right selection of plants and shrubs can greatly contribute to the park's overall appeal.

Thomas Steele offers a variety of outdoor planters that seamlessly complement the natural elements in your space, enhancing its overall beauty.


With the right outdoor site furnishings, you can easily create an inviting pocket park, even in the smallest of spaces. Thomas Steele site furnishings are designed to withstand the elements while providing lasting comfort and style. Whether you're enhancing a corner of your property or a public space, you can rely on Thomas Steele site furnishings to transform your outdoor area into a comfortable and welcoming haven.