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Custom Bench Adds to Fire Amenity

The removal of a parking deck and the loss of around 250 parking stalls could have been a "hit" to businesses in the city of Janesville, WI. But city[...]

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Landscape Design Tips for Retail Centers

Attracting, retaining and getting customers to frequent businesses is the name of the game with retail centers.

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ADA Compliance for Outdoor Benches

What are the ADA requirements for outdoor benches?

There are actually no compliance requirements, as it relates to outdoor benches.

Benches should[...]

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ADA Table Requirements

ADA requirements have been put in place to ensure people in wheelchairs are able to effectively use the available tables.

In terms of the number of[...]

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Terrace Ideas | Design Tips & Furnishings Selection

How best to use a terrace space starts by determining the type of programming you envision for the space.

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Create an Outdoor Workspace | Design Tips & Furnishings Selection

A better office environment exists on your property. It has better lighting. Better décor. Better health benefits for workers.

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Outdoor Dining Design | Create a Stylish & Functional Space

Upward Trend of Outdoor Dining Areas

Outdoor dining spaces around commercial properties are becoming an increasingly important amenity. Especially for[...]

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Recycled Plastic's Visual Appeal Gets Better

Nothing beats the look of wood.

At least, that's been the prevailing thought in outdoor site furnishing design for quite some time.

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Memorial Benches & Plaques | Answers to All Your Questions

Benches are great ways to serve as a memorial. And there are many ways memorial benches can be used.

For example, they might be for someone who has[...]

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Details About the Materials Used in Commercial Site Furnishings

It’s important to understand the materials that make up your commercial site furnishings. Common materials like steel, wood and recycled plastic each[...]

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